Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 1 - Negotiations on Valkana

     "We'll give it to ya for fifty gold.  It's a relic of the Chaos War.  Tales say it belonged to Arnon Reed himself before he died."  The Saurian used a jeweled dagger to pick something from between his jagged teeth as he waited to hear the sage's impressed reaction.  A slight uninterested murmur was all he got in response.
     "Risked out lives for it, we did.  Had to fight our way through a bunch of Clanks, even a Hellion." This time it was the Dwarf with the robotic arm who spoke, the near silent whir of servos punctuating his movements as she spoke.
     "A Hellion?" this pulled the sage away from his appraisal of the glittering sphere that they had brought him. "No one's seen a Hellion in almost a thousand years."
     "I know the stories well, it was a Hellion.  I'd bet my arm on it."
     The Saurian grinned, a little bit predatory, "Careful now Gren, that's a wager you've already lost once." The Dwarf harumphed at her companion, but didn't have time for a retort.
     "Well my good adventuring friends, it seems that this trinket you've brought me is in fact, a fake.  I'll give you three gold." The sage looked from one patron to the other, light glinting off the orange lens and chrome of his bionic eye.  After a moment of stunned silence bluster and threats filled the shop.  Lighting sheated that Saurian's hands and the Dwarf trained a large blaster on the Sage.
     "We lost Slyp bringing this thing out of that wretched hole.  You're gonna give us a lot more than a paltry three gold.  Think you can take us for fools huh?"
     The sage stepped back from the counter and slowly raised his hands in the air.  Upon doing so a series of clicks sounded followed by the whir of motors.  Four panels detached themselves from the wall and swiveled around, leaving two rotors cannons trained on the two adventurers.  A moment passed filled only with the soft crackle of arcane lightning and the wind that blew in under the shop door.
     "I am truely sorry for the loss of your comrade, but I can only offer you three gold for this forgery.   Perhaps though, I can sweeten the deal.  It would seem that you've been set up.  Given the nature of this little bauble, and the tool markings I've seen on it, I'm pretty sure I know who is behind it."  The sage remained still looking back and forth between the two others, his hands still in the air.  "How about, three gold, and the location and name of your betrayer?"
    The two shared a look, but it was Gren who spoke, "You've got a deal there, Orange Eye."

Writing Time: 40 mins

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