Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 7 - Scuffle at The Stag

     Swords flashed and flickered as The Stag was swallowed up in the chaos of combat.  Bursts of magic and blaster fire illuminated the haze of dust and debris, violent bolts of energy flying every direction.  Ahnuil kept low using the bar for cover, she crept forward tracking her target by smell alone.  She could hear Gren's distinctive voice off to her left, it sounded as if things were going well even if she had lost focus of their goal again.  A large Orc lumbered into view a grin crossing it's flat face as it spotted Ahnuil.
     "I always wanted a snake skin bag." It hefted a large axe, slapping the flat of the blade against the plam of an open hand.
     "You're going to have to wait a little longer, no-nose." Standing to full height Ahnuil lifted the point of her sword assuming a defensive posture.
     The Orc let out a gutteral yowl and charged, its first swing knocked Ahnuil's sword clear before swinging back around to come down at her shoulder.  Ahnuil side stepped the blow, feinted a slash at the Orc's midsection, and followed that up with a lunge as she attempted to skewer the Orc right through its middle.  The Orc 

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